Change of ownership Osby Mekan AB


A new and exciting chapter awaits Osby Mekan AB after the change of ownership in April 2021 when  the shareholders of Osby Mekan AB sold their entire shareholding to NPO Industrier AB.

A proud Niclas Pedersen, NPO Industrier AB:

“We have during a longer period looked at Osby Mekan AB as a highly interesting and exciting company. We are very proud and happy that we can become the new owners after these twenty years in the company´s history. As new owners we inherit the good and long-term work that has led Osby Mekan AB to become widely known for its expertise in machining, production technology and materials knowledge.

Our ambition is to continue on the same path and together with the entire staff, develop the business even further. The focus will continue to be on creating growth, which is important for strengthening long-term competitiveness and securing employment. In this way, we create the resources needed to be able to develop both the company and the staff.

As new owners, we go long-term into this or any investment and intend to make Osby Mekan AB the leading company and stand for the highest competence in the industry. This is something we will succeed with thanks to our long experience from working with company development and personnel development in various industrial companies ”.

Timo Puranen will continue as CEO of Osby Mekan AB even after the change of ownership and Niclas Pedersen will become Chairman of the Board.


Osby 2021-04-12



Timo Puranen, CEO

Mobile: +46 763 152 296 


Niclas Pedersen, Chairman of the Board

Mobile: +46 709 780 235




A historical perspective

Osby Mekan founded in 2002 and is today one of Swedens leading suppliers of machining. We are today 40 employees and currently have a yearly turnover rate of about 10 MEUR. We have in the past three years invested about 3 MEUR in new machinery. We own the building where we operate our business and have good conditions for our continued expansion.

Our single biggest asset is our highly qualified and motivated staff. The company has a long tradition of machining, beginning as early as the 50s.

We find the motivation in challenge our processes and to continually improve them. Anything to offer our customers products at the right quality, at the right time and at the right price.

We are accustomed to working closely with our customers and can in a professional manner participate with our expertise in our customers development projects, particularly for an early influence in a product produce ability.

This, together with a good economy and very modern machine equipment, makes us a very strong and long-term partner.

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